Zekeriyaköy Göçmen’s Ranch

The farm was opened in 1928 to meet the milk needs of the Historical Sarıyer Muhallebicisi, which was founded by the late Hacı Şakir Göçmen. The farm is planned as an animal grazing area and pasture on a 250-decare land. There is a natural pond in it. There are approximately 300 cattle, 350 sheep and goats mainly small cattle in the farm. These are produced in the historical Sarıyer Muhallebicisi and in order to meet the milk needs of our facility.

In addition, there are hundreds of various poultry, deer, llama, ostrich, flamingo, various pheasants, cranes, buffalo, cameron sheep, different breeds of sheep, dwarf goats, purebred kangal dogs protecting the herds and different dog breeds in the farm.

You can have a good lunch, have horse rides in the nature and many more activities for children and grown ups.

Tike Zekeriyaköy

Keeping the Southern taste tradition alive in Istanbul with a distinguished service approach. Tike now serves the pleasure of Turkish kebab to its guests outside the borders of Turkey. Tike was founded in 1998 by four cousins ​​from Adana; It has set the goal of presenting Adana’s cuisine culture with all its originality on universal criteria and opened ‘Tike İstinye’ for this purpose. Without losing the dynamism and excitement of the first day, it continues today its works studiously in Turkey, Ukraine and Dubai. Tike which works with the master chefs of the region in order to present the local tastes in the best way and serves its guests with a wide staff.

Ahali 279

The garden and ground floor of Ahali 279 is a very sweet chill out place where lizards are running merrily and the spread cushions and spread breakfast tables are shaded by flower nets. You can come here in the morning on a weekend day and stay until the early hours of the next day.

Brio İtalian Restaurant

Indulge yourself with our Italian cuisine. Our excellent gourmet food has something for everyone. To get the most of our popular seafood dishes and pizzas, we suggest ordering a drink. Whenever you’re looking for a great dessert or tasty treat our yummy ice cream and our pastries are just what you need. So come to us for an unforgettable lunch or dinner! For our guest who like to smoke a cigarette once in a while, we have a comfortable smoking lounge.

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