Shopping At Istanbul

Shopping At Istanbul

İstanbul is an amazing shopping destination for the ones who love authentic shopping. Here are 7 İstanbul destinations for shopping!


Do you love fancy shopping? Go on then! All the big brands are here. Chanel to Cartier to Louis Vitton! Or you can go for eating the‘’Salt Bea’’ restuarant Nusret. Only in 15 minutes by car!

The adress:  Pınar, Katar Cd No:11, 34460 Sarıyer/İstanbul

  1. Grand Bazaar

To discover İstanbul shopping market you definitely need to see Grand Bazaar. Spices and all other authentic goods are there for you. You can find jewelry to spices, bags, shoes, toys for kids, amazing clothes, carpets and more handmade goods! You can literally discover İstanbul, also there are many touristic historical places are around the area. Our personal suggestion is to go early! Because there are many things to do & see there. – Only 35 minutes with the car.

Adress: Beyazıt, Kalpakçılar Cd. No:22, 34126 Fatih/İstanbul

  1. Kanyon Shopping Mall

How about an open air shopping mall experience? There are many yummy resturants and cafes inside! As well as many shops. Only 30 minutes away. Also there are 2 more shopping malls right next to it, where you can find even more.

Adress: Esentepe, 34394 Şişli/İstanbul


Kadıköy is an amazing place to experience the local taste of İstanbul. You can find many local boutiques & evening dresses. It is one of the cheapest places to shop. For the ones who are looking for minimum budget with maximum fun. Many pubs & clubs are around as well. You can even ride the nostalgic tram as well! Only 45 minutes by car.


Even though it is crowded which is a downside, there are many shops and historical places. You can see historical church’s, historical places and it is very much designed for the tourists. You can smoke shisha, drink a good turkish coffee during your visit. However, never ever forget to buy chocolate from the ‘Beyoğlu Çikolatacısı’ one of the best in İstanbul. Only 45 minutes away!


The canal with gondola rides and attractive street decor reinforce the Venice atmosphere of this large shopping centre. With the outlet stores of world famous brands and unlimited products, whatever you want is here. 35 minute away mini Italy look alike shopping mall gives you all the real brands with many discounts.

Adress: Küçükköy, Karadeniz Mahallesi Eski Edirne Asfaltı, Metris Kavşağı No:408, 34250 Gaziosmanpaşa/İstanbul


İstanbul is very famous for the Daily bazaars. Saturday bazaar of Beşiktaş is one of the most famous amongst all Daily bazaars. You’ll be able to find everything is here as well, from clothes to fruits, kitchenware to kids clothing you’ll be finding everything. Only 45 minutes away from the hotel.

Adress: Sinanpaşa, Ihlamurdere Cd. & Hattat Tahsin Sk. 19/1, 34353 Beşiktaş

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